Dynamics AX 2012 R2 - Kitting

Kitting is a great alternative for companies that are not equipped with finished goods warehouse facilities or cannot afford the capital expenditure of setting up a finished goods warehousing facility.

Your company can take advantage of the services that are necessary to forward a product to market quickly by keeping the component on stock instead of the finished customized product.

One of the requirements is to show the kitting structure in the sales order form in Dynamics AX. Kitting stipulates that there is a hierarchy of items, where only the bottom level is real items that are purchased, stocked and priced, while the upper levels are phantom BOM items. When a customer orders a product, the customer only need to relate to the uppermost BOM-level, while the warehouse workers are picking the actual contents of the kit.

UPDATED 27.02.2014
New Version of Kitting is released, where both Sum-Up pricing is possible, and where Kitting pricing is possible. Thanks for all the help and feedback received from the community and from customers implementing the open Source Kitting solution.

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